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Terms of Service

Last edited 7.24.2020

1. Before you order our services, please contact us so we can see exactly what you want.

2. We have a strict no refund policy. This policy is to protect the labor hours and work performed by Ecom With Us. If you cancel any of our services during the monthly service we cannot offer any refunds due to the labor work and analysis you possess during that time. Purchasing this package via Stripe, Paypal, and Shopify means you have read and accepted all terms & conditions. This is a non-refundable service. This includes all automation services, marketing, web design, amazon products, and more. 

3. Ecom With Us has the right to use your store and results as testimonials and results for agency records.

4. We guarantee that our website packages will be delivered within 5-7 business days. Our marketing packages last a month to 3 months and Ecom With Us will need up to a week to strategize and come up with a marketing plan for your business. If you choose to put a down-payment on your initial investment (25%,50%,75%) failure to pay after the service has been completed will result in legal civil action after 20-days from the website being designed and completed. Ecom With Us has the option to charge the remainder balance after the 20-days elapse and/or pursue legal civil action.

5. You are obligated to provide all accurate information which includes your full legal name, a valid phone number, your current address, a valid email address, and any other information which the site may consider important to confirm your identity. The site keeps the right of cancel any account which that does not meet these conditions or that provides false information. 

6. Ecom With Us will not be responsible for any damage caused on the website or to your shopify store facilitated by the loss of your account or login

7. You may not use the services provided by Ecom With Us for any illegal purpose. The ‘site’ will be exempted from any liability accrued from the use of the website to violate any laws in your jurisdiction, including patent or copyright.

8. The Site surrenders all responsibility for the care of the store, marketing or sales to the new owners(sellers) immediately after the delivery. We sell the store to you while you assume all the responsibility and care for its use.
All sales are final. Refund in this service is not possible. The site doesn’t guarantee sales or give any false hope. We do not guarantee anything.

10. We reserve the right to adjust, update or change any information contained on this website. You are expected to check the terms and conditions occasionally for updates.

11. Ecom With Us team will be in the position to respond, guide and help you on the process to construct the store and marketing services.

12. Ecom With Us guarantee that, all the information you provided will be kept in confidentiality and will not be use for other purposes other that that which has been mentioned in the ‘terms'.

13. You may receive emails from

I agree (the client) that I have read the above information and agree to be bound by all ‘the terms' contained in this piece for the use of ‘the site' in addition to any other verbal or written agreements. 




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