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Have you heard of Ecom With Us Agency? See how they have helped their clients generate over $100k in 3 months!

Have you heard of Ecom With Us Agency? See how they have helped their clients generate over $100k in 3 months!

Daniel is the founder of Ecom With Us. When Daniel met Alex, he decided to partner up with him as they share the same vision to help those who want more stability in their financial lives. Daniel Coronel and Alex Baha are humble and proud of their accomplishments but still yearn to learn more. Though Daniel and Alex are only 21, they want our generation to prove to people that no matter how old you are, accomplishments can still be made in your personal and professional life if you are willing to make the sacrifices needed, whether it’s less partying, reading more, or willing to devote precious time to develop meaningful relationships with clients. “Alex and I are very passionate about the future of our world and want to add value to those around us. We have a strong passion for helping people at their lows and want to ensure they leave our conversations with the biggest smile they ever had,” Daniel remarked.

Here is how Ecom With Us is different from the rest

Ecom With Us is one of the leading dropshipping agencies in the world today. Besides the goal of scaling businesses and starting successful branded dropshipping stores, another important metric for the company is being fully transparent with their clients. The team is always there to assist them through phone calls and within their group chats. Daniel and Alex have helped numerous stores reach 100k within their first 3 months of marketing. “Most agencies give their clients pre-built stores for a reason, to fool as many clients as possible in thinking they have a shot with a store that hasn’t been researched or analysed. However,we are devoted to finding products that will be profitable for years down the road and design branded websites from scratch,” says Alex and Daniel.

Every store they design/create has their own unique branded, automated, and optimized website. Throughout 2020, the team has produced around $5 million of revenue with the clients.

The secret to their success

Networking with so many people got Daniel to meet with Alex and other great individuals who are part of Ecom With Us. This has strengthened the agency to another level. When Alex and Daniel first started, they were lucky to have the opportunity to partner up with very successful individuals such as Irwin Dominguez, Trevor Chapman, and Rafael Cintron, Anton Kraly, and more drop shippers that have impacted the e-commerce industry.

What Ecom With Us plans ahead

The company has a goal to double their clients’ store results and break $10,000,000. They want to continue developing long-lasting relationships with their clients. Also, the partners look forward to creating the number one store in each main/growing niche.

Alex and Daniel’s quote, “Once our clients are officially happy with their decision of getting started and can replace their work income with their store's income, we can feel satisfied in knowing that we had a chapter in their journey to freedom!


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